Returns members, and associated profile data, based on criteria specified by parameters. 

Results can be paged by passing offset and limit values to the limit parameter as [offset],[limit]. eg. 10,10


apiKey Your API access key
brandID Filter to user actions and score for specific brand
segmentID ID of the segment to filter by
includeOneTime Value of 1 will show one time actions such as follows and likes (default 0)
services Comma separated list – eg. twitter, facebook, lastfm, rdio, youtube, custom, etc
fields Comma separated list to reduce returned data set to – eg. Email, FirstName, BirthDate
domain Filter by the domain the members registered from, without the 'http' or 'www' eg.
country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, comma separated list. eg US,CA,GB
members Only include these members, comma separated list of native IDs – eg. 811566,803186
emails Only include these members by email, comma separated list – eg.,
paid_only Filter to users who have a paid service attached eg. Spotify Premium
optedin Filter to users who have opted in. Brand or Segment ID must also be provided
before Load all members with id values lower than this value. Note: Will override any value set for 'after'
after Load all members with id values higher than this value
totalmembercount Include the total member count field in API response'
limit Limit the results, default 10, max 1000 eg 100 or 10,10 (offset,limit)

Example Request

curl -v -X GET

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