Returns members, and associated profile data, based on criteria specified by parameters. 

Results can be paged by passing offset and limit values to the limit parameter as [offset],[limit]. eg. 10,10


apiKey Your API access key
brandID Filter to user actions and score for specific brand
segmentID ID of the segment to filter by
includeOneTime Value of 1 will show one time actions such as follows and likes (default 0)
services Comma separated list – eg. twitter, facebook, lastfm, rdio, youtube, custom, etc
fields Comma separated list to reduce returned data set to – eg. Email, FirstName, BirthDate
domain Filter by the domain the members registered from, without the 'http' or 'www' eg.
country ISO 3166-1 alpha-2, comma separated list. eg US,CA,GB
members Only include these members, comma separated list of native IDs – eg. 811566,803186
emails Only include these members by email, comma separated list – eg.,
paid_only Filter to users who have a paid service attached eg. Spotify Premium
limit Limit the results, default 10, max 1000 eg 100 or 10,10 (offset,limit)

Example Request

curl -v -X GET

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