Create a new brand using the information provided. The Appreciation Engine will expose further data about the brand from each service based on the URLs provided. For example Twitter ID.

Additional fields ([custom data]) can also be sent to be saved against the brand, but must be enabled first (Enterprise Only). 


apiKey Your API access key
name Name of brand
officialwebsiteurl website for brand
wikipediaurl wikipedia page for brand
facebookurl facebook page for brand
twitterurl twitter account url for brand
instagramurl instagram account url for brand
googleurl google plus url for brand
youtubeurl youtube channel url for brand
spotifyurl spotify artist url
deezerurl deezer artist url
soundcloudurl soundcloud artist url
groovesharkurl grooveshark artist url
lastfmurl lastfm artist url
type One of the following category types: 'Music','Sport','Consumer','Movie','TV','Video Game','Influencer'
[custom data] Enterprise Only. Additional fields can be added to the brand for customer specific requirements.

Example Request

curl -X POST

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