Miscellaneous - Auth

/v1.1/auth POST

API Version: v1.1

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Used to authenticate a user and sign them in to the Appreciation Engine once an access token has been received.

You will receive a token in your return url after opting in via the sign in widget, which can then be passed to the auth call via a GET request. If successful a JSON object containing the user's Appreciation Engine details will be returned.


apiKey Your API access key
accessToken Your access token
details value of 1 to show slightly expanded view of user, including linked services - default 0
extended value of 1 to show extended data node for user
fields comma separated set of fields to explicitly return from details and extended view. eg. fields=email,username,extended.lastUpdated

Example Request

curl -X POST https://api.theappreciationengine.com/v1.1/auth?apiKey=0a1b2c3d4e5f6g7h8i9j0k1l2m3n4o5p&accesstoken=123456789%7C1.aBCDEfgH_987654__3210.12345678%7CABC0def2

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