Members - Verify

/v1.1/member/[MemberID]/verify POST

API Version: v1.1

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Manually verify an email address for a user. Will initiate a merge on verified emails.

NOTE: As this will merge accounts please ensure that the email has been properly verified before submitting this request. It is up to the developer to ensure proper validation has taken place prior to this API call.


apiKey Your API access key. NOTE: must match the specific API key of the AE App used to register the user
service service identifier - email, twitter, facebook, google, instagram, lastfm, rdio, youtube, spotify, tumblr, beatsmusic, soundcloud, foursquare, deezer
verified_email email to verify
serviceid specific member service record to verify
[MemberID] ID of member. Eg. returned from registration event or API call

Example Request

curl -X POST

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